Deepomatic Platform

June 26, 2022


Automatic configuration for mobile applications

Accessing a mobile application from Deepomatic Platform
  • For each site, a mobile application is automatically configured and deployed based on the settings of the application
  • Each time a modification on an application is done through the application center, then it is automatically reflected in the corresponding mobile application
  • A new Field engineer role is now available to grant access to the mobile application only

​Ability to share models among organizations

Enables to:
  • Share a specific model from a source organization to a target organization
  • Navigate through the shared models in Deepomatic models tab
  • Utilize the shared models in the target organization for the deployment purposes
Sharing a model is only possible if the source organisation is authorised to do so and the user has the corresponding authorisation to perform the action in the target organisation.

New analytics on duplicates photos


  • Move InputSpecs and Metadata at app version level


  • Can't see "not annotated image" in children views
  • Impossible to modify time range on asset detail page when no work order in the last 2 months
  • The deletion of a work order type for one task results in the deletion of the work order type for all tasks
  • New work orders return both tasks with push_to_field = True and push_to_field = False
  • Work order type is raising an error when supplementary outcome is sent