Deepomatic Platform

Setting up projects

Project listing

The home page for the Projects section is the listing of all the projects that have been created for the organization.
You can either enter one of the projects that have already been created or create a new one.

Create a new project

To create a new project, you need to click on Add a new project and choose a name for it.

Project Home Page

When selecting a given project, you arrive on its Home Page.


On this page, you have a navigation bar on the left side with several actions:
  • See views map to display a graph of the global tree structure of the Views that create the project.
  • Add images to add more images to your project.
  • Explore Images to browse all the images added to the project.
  • Perform a validation split that lets you randomly select a portion of your images and put them in your validation set. See Validation split.
After changing your validation set, it is no longer possible to compare two models.

View display

In the central part of the screen you see all your views and you can navigate through the tree structure to understand the links between each View. To access a specific View, simply click on it.