Deepomatic Platform

November 18, 2022


New field_engineer object

Until now, it was not possible to explicitly assign a field engineer to a work order. With the creation of the field_engineer object you can now:
  • Assign a field engineer at work order creation
  • Assign or change the field engineer after the work order creation
  • Visualize the field engineer assigned to each work order (search & filter on field engineers)
New design on work order page
In order to offer a seamless experience to field engineers, buttons have been redesigned so they are more explicit and actionable.
Ability to configure data conformity algorithms per task-group
For each task group within a given application, it will be possible to select the data conformity algorithms to apply.
Training metrics during training for detection views
You now get the mean average precision computed on your validation set displayed during training for detection views.


  • It's now possible to delete a shared model from the list of an organization's shared models
  • Mobile applications now use tasks behaviors defined in the app center in order to:
    • compute progress bars
    • define tasks validation rules
    • display tasks colors
  • Ability to change the language of the mobile application through the settings section
  • The others condition is now available in the task behavior section so it is no longer needed to specify all possible cases
  • Blue is now available in the color palette of the task behavior
  • It is now impossible to save a task when the include in conformity score is checked and no behavior is configured
  • The loading speed of the Insight tool has been optimised and reduced.
  • Three different implementations are now available for the Blur Detection algorithm: soft, medium, and hard


  • The resolution of the photos sent from the mobile application has been improved. If the browser can support it, the resolution is now 1280 by default (otherwise it takes the best resolution accepted by the browser)
  • No more error 500 when trying to edit a task in the app center
  • Tasks without any analysis are no longer displayed with colors in the Task Group History section
  • The updated data is well pushed to Insight (when data is corrected, or new analysis happens after the day of the work order creation).
  • Microsoft Edge is back as a supported browser