Deepomatic Platform

May 17, 2022


New interface to configure work order types

Adding loss and accuracy curves to the training and validation sets during training

Accuracy and loss curves are currently only available for classification and tagging views, and only for the Inception v1 and Inception v2 architectures. They will gradually be added to all architectures and view types supported by the Deepomatic platform.


  • Filters are now stored and still active when going back to list page from a work order or asset detail page
  • Ability to navigate within the assets after a search with filters
  • Metadata panel is sticky so the information is always available when scrolling
  • Ability to order work orders by creation date in Explore solutions
  • New column available to display the number of photos taken on a work order


  • Not possible to launch training and audit on specific datasets
  • Prediction boxes not displayed on an image
  • Right click to open an asset in a new tab is available but does not work
  • Corrected_date is not set when a work order is reviewed
  • MS Edge is not supported
  • Task order is not kept