Field services

If your operations involve work orders that will be documented with a set of images taken by technicians on the field, you need to set up field services solution.

These custom solutions allow you to quickly visualize specific work orders based on pre determined business rules.

The Deepomatic platform lets you set up as many field solutions as you like. If needed, ask your Customer Success Manager in order to build additional Field services solutions.


When accessing a Field services solution (by clicking on it in the solutions section), the user gets a list of all work orders that have "pass the filter" meaning they correspond to a specific scenario define in the business rules.

As can be seen above, the main dashboard view list your work orders in two separate tabs: "TO-DO" and "DONE".

The columns of this view are customizable. You can click on "Manage columns" at any time to select the columns you wish to display and order them in the most optimal way. It is also possible to add columns via your application settings.

Work Order Processing Workflow

The interest of the two tabs is to set up a workflow for dashboard users to process work orders. Thus, each work order in the first tab is waiting to be reviewed.

By navigating through the different tabs, each user can then view the work orders waiting to be reviewed and those that have been reviewed.