Deepomatic Platform

Creating deployment sites

Create a site

On the platform

To create a site, go to the Deployment section through the navigation bar on the left side of the platform, and click on Add a new site on the Sites tab.
Give a name to your site and add a description. You then need to select the app you want to deploy on your site by clicking on Select app. You can only deploy one application to a site at any one time.

Using Deepomatic CLI

Installation & credentials

See the link below to install Deepomatic CLI


All Studio actions use the Deepomatic Studio credentials DEEPOMATIC_API_KEY. Ask your Deepomatic Studio administrator for it. As for the Deepomatic Cloud API credentials, you will need to export this variable to your environment.
export DEEPOMATIC_API_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
set DEEPOMATIC_API_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Site commands

Look at the site creation commands in the Deepomatic CLI - Platform Commands page.

Last ping

On the left side of the table, you see coloured icons.
  • When the icon is red, it means that the local site has never connected to the Deepomatic API.
  • When the icon is orange, it means that the local site hasn't connected to the Deepomatic API for the past 7 days.
  • When the icon is green, it means that the local site has connected to the Deepomatic API for the past 7 days.

Get credentials

To be able to set up and get your local site up and running, you need its credentials. Yo get them, click on the options button for the corresponding site, and then on Credentials.