Getting started

Connecting to the platform


If you haven't received your password and username to connect to the platform, send an email to your customer success manager to receive some.


To access the platform, go to and enter your login and password.


Once logged in, select the organization that contains the project you are working on. Each user can belong to several organizations.

Navigating on the platform

Wherever you are on the platform, you always have a navigation bar on the left side that allows you to move from one section to another.

Here are the 5 sections that you can find on the Deepomatic platform:

Monitoring Dashboard where you get real-time overview on your operations.
Insights Dashboard where you visualize all the business intelligence information generated by your operations.
Projects Section where you manage your data, design your AI capacities and train neural networks.
Deployment Section where you assemble your visual automation applications and you deploy them in production at scale.
Admin Section where you manage user roles.