Deepomatic Platform

Gallery pages for views

Depending on the type of your project

By clicking on any of the concepts attached to a view, you are able to visualize all images related to that concept.


For classification views, that means all images that are annotated with this concept.


For tagging views, in the same way, you see all images for which the concept has been turned to ON. You can also access the negatives, meaning all images for which the concept has been turned to OFF.
To access the negative images, you need to click on the green dot at the top of the page, next to the concept name. You need to click on the red dot if you want to come back to the positive images.


For detection views, clicking on a concept will give you access to a page with all images containing at least one bounding box labelled with the corresponding concept.
To navigate through thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands of images for a given concept, the following tool must be used.
  • The single arrows will take you to the next or previous pages. There are fifty images displayed on each page, so by clicking on the single arrow, you will get a page with the 50 next images. If there are not 50 images left to display, then you will only get the remaining images.
  • The double arrows will take you to the last or first pages for the corresponding concept. In case you have at least 50 images for the corresponding concept, then the page will display the 50 last (or first) images.
  • Depending on how you reach the last or first images, you may then not have exactly the same images.
  • Finally, there is a cursor system that lets you share or bookmark of a given page. You will see some parameter added in the URL.