Deepomatic Platform
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September 19, 2022


For each task within an application, you now have the ability to:
  • Decide if you want to include this task in the work order conformity score computation
  • Define if a task is considered as validated or not depending on the analyze_value
  • Choose the task's color depending on the analyze_value


  • Detailed tasks under each task group are now folded by default in order to enhance visibility
  • It is now possible to navigate between results after having performed a specific query through the search interface
  • Site_name and assigned_user_name can now be used as filters in a Search solution
  • Work orders are now linked to assets when a first image has been uploaded for a specific asset (and no more at work order creation)
  • Task groups are now linked to the application versions
  • It is now possible to observe the last annotator id as extra information by clicking on the image info button


  • The model version ID displayed for shared models is now the correct one
  • Critical audit tool issues have been fixed, now you are able to:
    • Correct the spotted errors in the detection views and modify bounding boxes
    • Correct and validate the spotted errors in tagging and classifications views flawlessly
  • Copied models now appear as organizations' available models so they can be used in Engage apps
  • Renaming a tag does not anymore influence the model spec ids
  • Long view description is now compatible with the view edit button and keeps its structure
  • Work order types are automatically cloned based on last version when a new version is created
  • The infinite load on the work order detail page for work orders with no images is now fixed so it is again possible to consult the page