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January 19, 2023


Ability to save search patterns
With the new search patterns feature, you can now save a combination of filters that you often perform and retrieve it in one click.
Search patterns interface
Within this feature:
  • The import file format is refactored by the new format which contains a similar backbone as before but structured with an approach that allows the users to directly build the data entries tree and simplify the overall logic.
  • The new import panel has been developed to:
    • Improve the user experience with step-by-step updates throughout the process
    • Bring visibility over the import success or failure and visualize the raised errors


  • Annotators' activities in projects can be tracked within a specific timeframe using the newly created endpoint
  • Several improvements have been made to the WO creation form:
    • An error is now displayed when the name is not valid
    • The create button is now inactive as long as the data related to metadata and parameters are not loaded
  • When you select one or several objects (workorders/assets) through a search interface, it is now possible to generate a file containing each object URL thanks to the Export URL button
  • The Blur detection - hard algorithm's threshold has been slightly increased as part of the re-evaluation of blur thresholds.


  • The edit of number & text tasks through the mobile app does not generate errors anymore
  • To be displayed on a specific App page, task groups now must contain tasks that belong to the version of the page. For debug purposes, task groups that do not contain tasks belonging to the version page will temporarily be displayed with a ⚠️ emoji.