Deepomatic Platform

December 22, 2022


Advanced options for work order creation
For each work order created with the mobile application, it is now possible to:
  • Add a work order type in order to display only the relevant tasks
  • Add metadata to provide more information regarding a work order
  • Add parameters to unlock advanced uses (comparison between an analyzed value and a parameter)
The user flow has been redefined so field engineers now have a clear distinction between data conformity errors and job conformity errors.
New layout for the asset detail page
With this new version, the objective is to:
  • Put back the photos at the center of the page as they are the most valuable information for users
  • Simplify the navigation between work orders by allowing it only through the carousel (no more interactions with the graph)
Asset detail page
New data conformity algorithms
In addition to the duplicate and the blur algorithms, you can now enable three new data conformity algorithms in order to reject photos that do not meet your compliance criteria :
  • Brightness algorithm: detect and block photos that are either too dark or too bright.
  • Resolution algorithm: detect and block photos whose resolution (image definition) is too low.
  • Image format algorithm: detect and block photos which are not taken in the landscape format.
Insights dashboard to monitor data conformity
It is now possible to monitor data conformity results in Insights through 3 indicators :
  • Overall share of photos that have validated data conformity
  • Share of photos that have validated data conformity per task-group
  • Distribution of causes for non-conform photos
Insights dashboard for data conformity
Ability to request a specific language for the data conformity error messages
It is now possible to set the language of the error message sent to the field users directly via the API requests.


  • The field engineer object is now used to display the relevant work orders depending on the user
    1. 1.
      The two toggles to filter work orders have been removed from the homepage
    2. 2.
      Field engineers can only see the work orders on which they have been assigned
    3. 3.
      Admin can see all work orders
    4. 4.
      When a user creates a work order through the mobile application, he is automatically assigned as the field engineer
  • When only one reason has been configured for a comment, it is selected by default (no need to open the dropdown list anymore)
  • Reasons for comments are now grouped by site_id in the admin
  • The information about the edition of a task result is now available in the task group history panel
  • It is not needed anymore to clear the local storage to see the modification (add/edit/delete) on a column in an FS Solution
  • An error message is now displayed when trying to add a task behavior that already exists
  • When the analyze value of a task is really long, it is now possible to hover over the task to see the entire result
  • Updated version for Insights (Superset 2.0). The following are the key changes you benefit from:
    • New horizontal bar chart
    • Improvements to mixed charts
    • Drag and drop columns in Table Charts
    • And much more. Check out the release note to find out more.
  • A new more stringent implementation of the duplicate algorithm is now available: Duplicate detection (perceptual).
  • There is now a specific code to distinguish each data conformity algorithm in the API responses (eg. for duplicate errors the code is 1 whereas for blur errors the code is 2).


  • It is not needed anymore to add an AppConfig to have the default behavior with the "can return to WO list" arrow
  • Task groups are now fetched with an app version to avoid the display of empty work orders
  • It is now possible to set a not analyzed behavior for a task.
  • The duplicated action buttons are fixed and removed