Deepomatic Platform

December 21, 2021


New solution to manage assets performance

A unique solution allowing you to visualize all work orders linked to an asset and understand the impact of each one on the asset deterioration. You are now able to:
  • Find any asset on which a work order occurred
  • Visualize all photos linked to the asset
  • Assess the impact of each photo on the asset's health by consulting the associated tasks
  • Monitor your assets thanks to the health score

Application versioning

  • For field services use cases, create engage applications to add a native API on top of your business logic.
  • Benefit from comprehensive versioning by creating engage application versions to ensure that any changes do not break your integration.
  • Create engage applications and engage application versions using deepocli or the web interface.

New way to manage Task & Task Groups

  • Create task groups directly from the platform using the task group manager
  • Define appropriate task group for each task
  • Add an example photo to illustrate each task group
  • Set up conditional messages to be sent to field technicians based on AI analyzed value.


Improved configurations capabilities for Insight
  • Add Jinja templates support
  • Add query validation
  • Add multi cloud storage support (for images and models)


  • Tagging tags activate on their own
  • Go to child button not functioning
  • Work order detail page broken when too many images