Deepomatic Platform

April 27, 2023


New design for the camera page
To conclude the overall redesign of the mobile application, a new version of the camera page is now available to provide a seamless experience.

New version of the workflows

A new version of the workflows have been released which provides easier configuration and more capabilities to the configuring user.


  • A new button rotate image is now available on work order and asset detail pages
  • It is now possible to use a download picture button on an asset detail page
  • In order to improve the definition of the uploaded images, the maximum resizing limit has been increased
  • It is now possible to access the page of deployed application versions from the Deployments section


  • The annotation shortcuts are back on track
  • The issue of the model credentials is resolved
  • Prediction boxes are displayed on the model galleries again
  • It's now possible to delete a shared model
  • The concept duplication issue appearing in view distribution is fixed
  • Project namings are unified on every corresponding page
  • [Assets] The bug where we had a color mismatch between the bounding box displayed on the picture and the color displayed in the associated task after a switch between photos is now fixed


As the new version of the workflow is now released and introduces breaking changes, a phase of complete migration of all the deployed workflows has started. A deployed workflow will therefore be frozen to its current state until it is updated to the newer version. This phase will last from one to three months depending on the workflow complexity.