Deepomatic Platform

Offline mode

Deepomatic mobile application is not yet able to perform offline analysis. However, all the pictures taken offline are stored and automatically analyzed when back online meaning technicians are not stuck on the field.

Switch to offline

The 1st time the user is offline, a pop-up window appears indicating that it is still possible to upload pictures but they will be analyzed once the network is back.
Then, during the entire period when the user is offline, the application displays a clear visual information so the user is aware of it.

Offline Analysis

When the user sends a picture for analysis, a new screen is displayed letting him know that the picture is stored and will be analyzed when back online.

Back online

When the network is back, a visual indication is displayed to let the user know that the pictures previously uploaded are currently being analyzed.
Then, once the pictures have been analyzed by our system, the user receives notifications with the associated results.