Deepomatic Platform

Complete work orders

Consult the details of a work order

Once the technician has identified the work order he's supposed to perform, he can click on it to see all the photos he will have to upload in order to validate the completion of its job.
Before taking a picture, or even after a KO on a picture, he has the ability to consult example photos so he can be guided in the completion of its job.

Take photos to perform the work order

Right after a technician uploaded a photo, it is possible to activate specific checks about data conformity. Hence, before analyzing the work of the technician we make sure the photo is exploitable.
If the photo quality is satisfying, we proceed to the second step by checking the job conformity. One or several tasks can be analyzed on a photo and the technician will receive a feedback for each one of the analyzed tasks.
If the technician does not agree with the analysis made by AI, he can either retake a photo or manually edit the analysis (this action will be highlighted for back office users).
if an external factor prevents the technician from taking a picture (or taking it properly) he has the ability to explain it through the comment feature. Thanks to this, back office teams are always aware of what is going on on the field.

Complete a work order

Finally, throughout the work order, the technician can visualize its progress thanks to the completion bar which is updated each time a new photo is uploaded.