Deepomatic Platform

One-click integration

Deepomatic one-click integration is not compatible with iframe so you should rather choose between a direct link integration or a popup.
Deepomatic provides a mobile interface with optimized UX to offer the best possible experience for field operators. One-click integration allows you to offer this experience to your field operators while using a third-party FSM application at the same time.
Simply add a button to a work order page in the FSM mobile application. Clicking on this button sends the user to the Deepomatic mobile application, on the corresponding work order page. The user can then take the requested photos, be guided through the various steps by viewing the results of the analysis via the Deepomatic application, and then return to the original FSM application to continue their journey.

Creating work orders

In order to send the user to a work order page in the Deepomatic application, the work order must first have been created. To do this, you must choose between two possibilities, depending on what is most suitable for your IT architecture, especially for accessing and sending metadata.
  • Work orders can be created in advance, for example during work order planning. To do this, it is necessary to use the endpoint for creating a work order, which is described here. In this case, it is necessary to save the Deepomatic work order ID in order to use it to send the user to the corresponding page.
  • It is also possible to create the work order in the Deepomatic platform directly when clicking on the button mentioned above.
There is a limitation in this second case related to metadata. They must be transmitted via query parameters, and the global URL is limited to 2048 characters.

Sending the user to the Deepomatic Application

When the work order has been created earlier, the following URL should be used to send the user to the Deepomatic mobile application.{token}/work_order/{work-order-ID}/
In order to have a seamless user experience, it is also possible to add a callback URI so the user is sent back to where he was on its FSM app after he performed its job on Deepomatic mobile application.

Getting the work order status

On your FSM application, it is good practice to display the status of the image control to the user. To retrieve this information from Deepomatic, it is necessary to call the following endpoint.