Reviewing a work order

When clicking on a work order, the user has access to its details. Different types of information are thus available on this page :

  • Metadata : various information (location, date, type...) about the work order

  • Requirements results provided by AI : for each intervention, a technician must validate several requirements by taking pictures. Based on those pictures, Deepomatic Artificial Intelligence makes predictions about whether or not those requirements are validated. Users can retrieve and modify those requirements status.

  • Photos : all photos taken throughout the intervention are accessible and linked to one or several requirements.

If the user reviewing the work order estimates that some of the predictions made by the AI are not consistent, he can decide to edit the analysis. Indeed, by clicking on the "Edit Analysis" button it becomes possible to modify the status of any requirements.

Once the reviewer has finished its evaluation, he can click on "Mark as done" so the changes will be saved and the work order automatically sent to the DONE tab.