Deepomatic Platform

Publishing Visual Automation Apps

Apps in the Deepomatic Platform correspond to specific solutions to a global problem that you are addressing. They correspond to packaged solutions as opposed to models whose versions are only trained neural networks. Thus, an app is composed of a set of models linked to each other according to a specific workflow and some custom code to enforce business rules.
App Versions are instances of an app. For each model integrated in the app, the app version specifies the model version chosen for the given version.
Once you have written the workflow and possibly the custom steps that are necessary for the solution you want to create, you need to publish your visual automation application. To do so, you must use deepomatic CLI.
Once you visual automation application has been published, it is not yet ready to be used as it is an empty shell at that point. It is however very easy to create application versions to specify the model version to be used for each model that your application references.