Deepomatic Platform
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Workflow execution

The wf_client run command can be used to execute a project.
Use -p {PATH TO THE WORKFLOW PROJECT} to run a project from another directory (it defaults to current working directory)

Single task-group

  • You can specify the analysed task group using the --task-group flag.
  • You can pass entries using -e entry_name:entry_value
  • You can pass metadata using -m metadata_name:metadata_value
  • You can provide the path to your .env file if not previously sourced using the --env flag
To pass several entries/metadata, simply repeat the above syntax (multiple -e ...)
wf_client run --task-group pm_ouvert_avant_travaux -e image_input:./pm-ouvert-avant-travaux.jpeg
[INFO 16:54:13.961] engine initialization: 0.016 seconds
[INFO 16:54:13.968] workflow execution: 0.002 seconds
[] pm-ouvert-avant-travaux-bool (bool): True
[] pm-ouvert-avant-travaux-pres-etiquette-bool (bool): True
[] pm-ouvert-avant-travaux-ocr-etiquette (str): 14222
Add the flag -d if you want the analysed image to be displayed with the drawn predicted regions

Multiple task-groups

You can run multiple task-groups with a shared environment (like a work-order) using an input file.
The format for the input file is:
"task_group": "pm_ouvert_avant_travaux",
"entries": {
"image_input": "./pm-ouvert-avant-travaux.jpeg"
"metadata": {
"key": "value"
"task_group": "pm_ouvert_apres_travaux",
"entries": {
"image_input": "./pm-ouvert-apres-travaux.jpeg"
Then, running the workflow using
wf_client run -i inputs.json