Deepomatic Platform

Reviewing Annotations

This feature enables to review the image annotations and manages the reviews to reach to a higher level of annotation conformity.

How to flag an annotation as being reviewed?

Given an annotated image, once the reviewer is certain about the conformity of the annotation can review it by clicking on the designated 'review' button.
The reviewing action is irreversible and the user can not undo it.
Once the annotation is reviewed:
  • The review date and the reviewer's username get logged on the image info:
  • The image will appear by the "review" toggle in the concept galleries:

Where to find the images that haven't been reviewed?

The "Not reviewed" gallery is designated for this purpose. In this gallery, one can find the images that have been annotated but are not yet reviewed.

How to manage the reviews?

There embedded this functionality to reset the review flags over annotations using the "Reset reviews". This action which is irreversible, will unflag all the reviewed annotations and therefore can be used to request another round of reviews over annotations.
Reset action is only performable for auditor type users.