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Invite a set of users at once

In order to invite a batch of users at once, you can list all the required fields in a .csv or .xlsx file format and import the file through the functionality that the platform provides to you.
It is important to note that when you add a group of users at once, you can only grant them the same set of permissions. As a result, if you need to personalize permissions for each user, you must perform so individually.
For starting the process you can click on the Import CSV file button designated in the invite user process:
Next, you will be able to drag& drop or browse a .xlsx or a .csv file in the following port:
Your imported file should respect the following format in the naming and in order:
First name
Last name
first name 1
last name 1
optional info about user 1
first name 2
last name 2
optional info about user 2
Column names should be indicated in the file as shown above.
Email: This field corresponds to the email address of the user which needs to comply with a valid email format. This field is obligatory to be filled in.
First name: The first name of the user. This field is obligatory to be filled in
Last name: The last name of the user. This field is obligatory to be filled in
Description: The optional information about the corresponding user. This field is optional to be filled in
If the format and structure of your file do not conform to the required structure, we will be unable to import your group of users. You can consult the sample file below in order to make sure of the written format.
Once you import a file, the inviting process begins by uploading your file and then checking it:
In the checking step, your file and its content are examined to make sure it complies with the requirements.
  • If your file structure including the indicated columns in your file holds errors, you will be notified by an error message. You would need to perform the corrections and retry.
  • If your file structure conforms with the requirements we store the users' information indicated in the file and continue the process:
By clicking on the Next button you will be led to set the permissions for the imported users. Please note that setting permissions for your users is necessary to complete the group user import action.
At the end of the invitation process, you will get notified of the number of valid users successfully invited to the organization.