Training Models

Models Tab

To train models and to see trained models history, click on the Models tab in the navigation bar. You will see a listing of all the models that you have trained, their status, a first indicator on their performances and a few useful links.

In the commands column:

  • the first icon takes you to a test page where you can test your models on your own images and see what predictions your model outputs. See Qualitative Evaluation.

Train a Model

To train a new model, click on Train a model, give a name to your model, and decide on your parameters in the advanced options panel. By clicking on Create, you launch the training job.

In the same way as the Add Image, you will get a progress bar with the different steps required and a status on their advancement.

For more information on the advanced options panel, see our Guidebook on how to build your custom AI. For information on all the available models, click on the link below.