Deepomatic Platform

Field Task Management

If your operations involve planned events or interventions that will be documented with a set of images taken by technicians on the field, you will probably set up a Field Task Management dashboard.
When accessing an event view on this dashboard (either by clicking on it or by self-assigning the event), the user will get a view similar to the one below.
For the event in question, we can see different elements:
  • a first tab "Overview" with a list of photos. Each photo corresponds to an instruction and the color underlining the photo corresponds to the status of the instruction between the following four possibilities: "OK", "KO", "Absent" and "NA" (Not Available). Those instructions are defined in your application and custom to your business need. They can be mandatory or not, and correspond to a validation operated by the Artificial Intelligence.
  • a second "Detail" tab, where you can access the list of instructions, their status and the photos attached to them. You can group the instructions by status and manually change their value.
  • a third tab "Timeline" on which we log all the changes related to this event (completion of instructions, change of assignment etc.)