On the Deepomatic platform

On the Deployment page of the Deepomatic platform, on the Apps tab are displayed all your applications. You can create new ones (without any business logic), or you can create app versions for all the apps that belong to your organisation.

Create an app

To create a new app, click on the Add a new app button, give a name to your app and eventually a description.

The applications that you can create on the platform do not have any business logic.

You then need to click on the Add models and select the project in which your model has been designed.

Finally, select the model version that you want to add to your app. By doing so, you are creating at the same time an app and a first app version for this app.

Repeat the following steps as many times as you want to add as many models in your app. You can add several times the same model by selecting different model versions of the same model.

In the end, by clicking on Create, you will add an app and a first app version for this app. The app version will be named 1.0 but feel free to edit this name and give the name that you want.

However, we advise you to follow this naming convention as much as possible as it will help you and other teammates to fully understand the evolution of the versions.

Create an app version

To create an app version for a given app, click on Add a new app version and give a name to your app version. You then need to fill in every model with the model version that you want for this app version. To do so, click on Select model version.

By clicking on any app version, you access the corresponding relevant information.