On the Deepomatic platform
On the Apps Center page of the Deepomatic platform are displayed all your applications. You can create new ones, and access the existing ones. You can also create app versions for all the apps that belong to your organisation.

Create an application

App name and description

To create a new app, click on the Add a new application button, give a name to your app and eventually a description.

App type

Then select the type of application that you want to create:
  • Using the Field Service Management type, an API is automatically added to your application, giving you the ability to integrate the application's capabilities into an FSM mobile application.
  • By using the Video type, a camera server is automatically added to your application, giving you the possibility to manage the connection / disconnection of one or more cameras in a stable and robust way.
  • by using the Custom type, no service is added and it will be up to you to specify it later.

App workflow and models

You then need to choose how to set up your application:
  • by uploading a workflow. The models listed in the workflow are then automatically detected and added to the application.
  • by selecting the models that you want to use within your app.
In the end, you just need to click on Create Application and you will see you new application appear on the Apps Center.

Access an application page

By clicking on any app of your Apps Center, you access the detailed information about this application:
  • all the Application versions for your application
  • for Field Service Management applications, you get the list of task groups and for each task group, the list of tasks that have been configured with the workflow
  • all models used within your application

Create an application version

To create an app version for a given app, click on Add a new application version and give a name to your app version. You then need to fill in every model with the model version that you want for this app version. To do so, click on Select version.
By clicking on any app version, you access the corresponding relevant information.
Last modified 1mo ago